View Beyond: COACHING people to move forward in their personal and professional lives, DEVELOPING teams to improve collaboration and performance, and ALIGNING strategy, culture, organization and people to achieve business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does work?

It's quite easy:

  • Choose and area of focus (Management, Leadership, Performance, Team, Organization)
  • Select the tags you're interested in
  • Browse relevant items
  • Click through for more detail
  • Use thumbs-up/thumbs-down to rate for helpfulness
  • Click through for relevant links, which you can also rate for helpfulness

It really is that simple, because we want you to be able to use it live-time, not have to read through reams of books (top)

Is there an app for this?

Indeed there is! MgmtDNA is available on iOS for iPhone, with a paired WatchOS quick view (top)

Just iOS?

For all other platforms and mobile devices the web service will feature mobile friendly layout, styling and functionality (top)

Can I see all the books?

In the iOS App home-screen, click the link icon, you will see all books listed alphabetically (top)

It'd be great to chat about this, is there a discussion forum?

We will be releasing an expanded suite of functionality as v2.0 of the app, including subscription to resources and community forums - stay tuned! (top)

Can I recommend a new item and/or book?

Yup - just head over to our contact page and let us know about it (top)