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MgmtDNA is a fresh approach to helping you work smarter and faster - we've boiled things down to the essentials, categorizing them so that you can dial up the questions that you need to ask yourself to get focused in the moment.

For example, let's say you want to be reminded of what it takes to bring focus to your team? Easy, select Team > focus and you'll find just what you need to know about the following questions:

  • How clear are you on who does what in your team?
  • Given what's happening at the moment, what can you learn about how you work together?
  • If a customer was in this meeting, what would they want you to do right now?

Want to read more, we've added links to key books, based upon the questions you're reviewing. We've also enabled thumbs-up/thumbs-down on items and links so that we can all help direct each other to important stuff!

Management is an active discipline, experienced in real life, not between the covers of a book. While the literature is important, MgmtDNA gives you just what you need to know right now

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About View Beyond

View Beyond LLC is an independent consultancy focused in the critical disciplines of Talent & Organization Capability, formed in 2009 by Vincent Tuckwood - a seasoned business leader with over two decades of experience on both sides of the Atlantic.

Vince has been described as a visionary, a transformational thinker, a guru and a magician when it comes to numbers. With a Gallup Strengthsfinder profile of Futuristic, Strategic, Activator, Communication and Maximizer, Vince enjoys both the challenge of envisioning change and the immense satisfaction of making it happen.

A true rennaisance man, Vince is also an established story-teller working in fiction, song and verse, he blogs regularly at